TORRENCE 6-36-86


Premiere: Friday, May 27 - Saturday, May 28, 2016 at 5:00, 6:30, 8:00pm in Columbus, OH
Artistic direction, videography, editing: Rashana Perks Smith
Choreography, Performance: Megan Davis Bushway, John Giffin, Jeremy Griffin-Jackson, Eve Hermann, Alexia Minton, Michael J. Morris, Rashana  Perks Smith, Gina Jacobs Thomas, Coal Reitenbach, Sarah Shulman, Megan Yankee
Lighting design: Carrie Cox
Interactive design: Matt Lewis
Visual art: Melissa Vogley Woods
Music/sound composition: John Osburn
Sound engineering: David Wallingford
Photography: Abby Zbikowski, Melissa Vogley Woods, Rashana Perks Smith
Length: 45 minutes


In Torrence 6-36-86, I continued to focus on the effort of interface wherein I look at technology as a tool and examined its function as a point of interface, specifically with regards to the proximity of human connection. I was particularly interested in the effort that involves both a technological component and a human component - how convenient, how easy, how much honest effort do we allow ourselves in order to be connected? I asked these questions of my collaborators and together we created a collaborative, interdisciplinary, immersive dance theatre event that consists of new choreography and video dealing with the ideas of proximity, accessibility, and domesticity.

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