TORRENCE 6-36-86


Premiere: Friday, May 27 - Saturday, May 28, 2016 at 5:00, 6:30, 8:00pm in Columbus, OH
Artistic direction, videography, editing: Rashana Perks Smith
Choreography, Performance: Megan Davis Bushway, John Giffin, Jeremy Griffin-Jackson, Eve Hermann, Alexia Minton, Michael J. Morris, Rashana  Perks Smith, Gina Jacobs Thomas, Coal Reitenbach, Sarah Shulman, Megan Yankee
Lighting design: Carrie Cox
Interactive design: Matt Lewis
Visual art: Melissa Vogley Woods
Music/sound composition: John Osburn
Sound engineering: David Wallingford
Photography: Abby Zbikowski, Melissa Vogley Woods, Rashana Perks Smith
Length: 45 minutes


In Torrence 6-36-86, I continued to focus on the effort of interface wherein I look at technology as a tool and examined its function as a point of interface, specifically with regards to the proximity of human connection. I was particularly interested in the effort that involves both a technological component and a human component - how convenient, how easy, how much honest effort do we allow ourselves in order to be connected? I asked these questions of my collaborators and together we created a collaborative, interdisciplinary, immersive dance theatre event that consists of new choreography and video dealing with the ideas of proximity, accessibility, and domesticity.


For more information, please read this interview essay between Dr. Edward Kahn and Rashana Perks Smith.


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