My strength as an artist educator is in encouraging students to think outside the confines of their own habits and to grow beyond their own expectations. I cultivate a sense of community within the classroom to promote self-discovery and respectful communication among peers. I focus on the overall relevancy of dance as a means of speaking to the larger communities in which we live. 

My eclectic background in modern dance, jazz and ballet as well as improvisation, social dance, yoga, roller derby and boxing, undeniably informs the way in which I structure technique classes. My objective is to teach material that presents physical, creative and intellectual challenges in order to develop daring, athletic and dynamic performers. Essential elements in my technique classes are full-bodied warm-ups that connect breath to movement, exercises that explore the body’s relationship with gravity and the dynamics that this relationship produces, improvisational inquiry, rigorous movement combinations, individual investigations and questions from students, and peer feedback that engages a positive class dynamic while honing the technical and creative understanding and verbal skills of students. 

Fostering the unique talents of each student is as vital as teaching dance technique and theory. I believe in promoting student curiosity and independent thinking. I strive to create an environment where students are able to take calculated risks and be courageous, passionate dancers. Most importantly, I am committed to preparing students for a diverse range of performance and educational experiences in the dance field long after they participate in my classes.

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