portraiture & perception


Performance: 2012, Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH
Choreography, performance, videography, editing, programming, costume design: Rashana Perks Smith
Additional videography: Stephanie Danyi
Helmet camera operation: Amy Spears
Lighting design: Dave Covey
Digital hand-crank projector design and reconstruction: David Smith and Rashana Perks Smith and Andy Hensler
Photography: Candace Moser Stafford
Funding: OSU Alumni Grants for Graduate Research and Scholarship, Coca Cola Women's Critical Difference Award, OSU Department of Dance Chair's Discretionary Fund and the Vera J. Blaine Special Project Fund​


In co-creating Portraiture & Perception, Fiona Lundie and Rashana Perks Smith crafted multi-sensory, interactive environments to highlight the relationship between how we gather information (Perception) and how we create conceptual identities thereof (Portraiture). Lundie and Smith used movement, video, and set constructions to frame, link, and present bodies in space, in time, and in relation to each other. This exhibit utilized dance, movement, and the body as a way to further understand our interaction with and interpretation of our world as well as the ways we conceive and retain this sensory, experiential knowledge. Whether performing or attending, everyone in the gallery moved through and acted on the space in order to process the perceptual information. It was the overarching interest of Lundie and Smith to offer people an active, engaging, aesthetic environment to inspire greater awareness of their relationships to and agency within their everyday experiences, especially with respect to time, space, and human dynamics.

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