Premiere: 2013, Chakeres Theatre, Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH
Subsequent Performances: 
2014, American College Dance Festival, Ohio University, Athens, OH
2015, Feverhead Studio, Columbus, OH
2015, Chappelear Drama Center, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH
2016, Ohio Dance Festival, Ohio University, Athens, OH
Concept and Choreography: Rashana Perks Smith
Performance: Sara Fuller (2013) , Yasmin Radzi (2014), Rashana Perks Smith (2015), Buzzy Biddinger (2015), Alex Cook (2016)
Music: The Octopus Project
Lighting design: D. Glen Vanderbilt
Costume design and Photography: Rashana Perks Smith
Length: 7-1/2 - 9 minutes


Pacing is a solo built to challenge cardiovascular and muscular endurance for the performer. The piece may have the same overall structure in place, but the physical challenges change based on the performer.

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